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Download Whatsapp on PC

5 Reasons to download WhatsApp


Here are 5 reasons that you may not be familiar with which can make you download WhatsApp if you have not done so till now.

1.    Send someone conversation history

On WhatsApp, you can send an entire email conversation. In the chat window, press Menu, then More. Finally, select Email Conversation on the menu.


WhatsApp create a mail message where a text file is included with the conversation history, and if so desired, all pictures, video clips and voice to be included in the conversation.

In the iPhone version, the method is a little different. In the conversation that you want to export, click on the name of the group or individual, and at the bottom of the screen you will see Send mail conversation.

2.    Changing the background of the conversation

No need to always see the same boring background in all your conversations. WhatsApp allows you to change the background of the window from the bottom menu. You can choose images from your gallery, official backgrounds of Whatsapp or none.

In iPhone you find the option in Settings> chat> Chat Wallpaper.

3.    Use photos sent to you

The images and videos that you receive in Whatsapp remain etched on the phone, on the Whatsapp media Whatsapp Images folder. In Android, you can use them and usually see them from the gallery, share them on Facebook, use them as pictures for contacts, etc.



In iPhone photos they are in, as long as you've decided to download them when you receive or have the auto-download enabled. To check this, go to Settings> chat and see if the option is selected Auto-save files.

In the Android you can also check quickly all pictures from within the application, using the File menu.

4.    Backing up your conversations

If your WhatsApp conversations are important, you better make backups of them. In the main

window, use menu to go to Settings, and then select Settings chat.
You can make a backup copy of the record. Do not worry, Whatsapp does it automatically on daily basis.

For iPhone, all data generated by Whatsapp is also stored in Apple iCloud.

5.    Change status

In WhatsApp you can change your status message, so that your contacts know if you are available or not.  The truth is that not many people change them often because they are highly visible: just look at the contact information or start a new conversation.